Cust1 zbrush

cust1 zbrush

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When your cust1 zbrush here done, towards the top of the your model. Otherwise, you may import the the ZAppLink Views switch will 3D cuwt1 mode on the. This will tell ZBrush to export all of your views with blending. Reordering layers in an external you will be asked whether to delete it when returning.

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I then line up my model as best I can with the overplayed spotlight reference and click 'Cust1' under Document>zap link to save the current. You can save a camera angle using. Document>ZApplink properties> Then either choose front or Cust1. If you accidentally move your camera. Press the Cust1 and Cust2 buttons to store custom views of your model. Clear To. Press this button and then press the view button that you wish to clear. Clear.
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Press the Top button to store the view of your model that corresponds to the front view. The switches I have done for you are better. Hey Marcus just wanted to ask you is there a macro or script that can make all layers to 0? Turn this off if you only want to export your current view. ZAppLink allows you to store views for front, side, top, bottom� Its very easy to store a view.